Obi Can’t Win Case Over Leaked Audio Conversation – US-Nigerian Columnist, Prof. Kperogi

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Popular US-Nigerian Columnist, Prof. Farooq Kperogi, has warned the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Peter Obi, against going to Court, over the leaked audio conversation released by the Peoples Gazette.

The Popular US-Nigerian Columnist also noted that Obi “cannot conceivably win a, legal, case against the Peoples Gazette”.

Obi had on Wednesday said the viral audio published by the news platform, featuring him and Bishop David Oyedepo, the Founder of Winners Chapel, is fake.

The Labour Party candidate had also threatened that he had instructed his legal team to take appropriate legal action on the matter.

However, in his weekly column, on Saturday, Kperogi said the former Anambra State Governor was only trying to save his face.

He stressed that he personally used multiple deepfake detection software and found no evidence that the leaked audio was edited or generated by Artificial Intelligence.

Kperogi wrote: “In libel law, truth is the most important defense. The tape is not fake, so Obi can’t conceivably win a case against the Peoples Gazette.

“I personally used multiple deepfake detection software and found no evidence that the audio was edited or generated by Artificial Intelligence.

“Plus, Obi’s presidential campaign spokesperson by the name of Kenneth Okonkwo confirmed the authenticity of the tape and even retorted that “Honesty is the best policy” when he was unremittingly bullyragged by the headless mob of revoltingly primitive social media rapscallions, who call themselves “Obidients.”

“Obi’s close personal media aide by the name of Valentine Obienyem also confirmed the genuineness of the tape and only added the requisite fib that spokesmen of Nigerian politicians must tell by claiming that “They edited out the Muslim-Muslim ticket that led to the discussion, where Obi said in a society like ours, religious balancing was a necessary consideration and that their recklessness had made Christians to assume it was a religious war.”

“That’s the most persuasive admission yet that the tape is real.”

Professor Kperogi added: “Well, Oyedepo himself hasn’t questioned the veracity of the tape. He only said Obi was one of several politicians, who routinely call to seek his blessing and counsel and that he is not a political partisan. Maybe, he is also part of the “others” that Obi will sue. He basically confirmed the Peoples Gazette’s story.

“What will Obi tell the Court if/when he sues Peoples Gazette “and others”? If he says the tape is fake and Peoples Gazette insists that it isn’t, the Court will call IT experts to authenticate it.

“The result will embarrass Obi, diminish his credibility irretrievably, and herald the death knell of his budding national political career.”

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