“You Can’t Break Me, I Remain Obidient In My Beliefs”, Actress Iyabo Ojo Challenges Lagos Govt

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Nollywood controversial actress, lyabo Ojo, has lambasted officials of the Lagos State Government, over the imposition of about N18,640,092.00 as personal income tax, which she must pay within seven days.

Taking to her Instagram page, the actress insisted that the action is not enough to break her or compel her to change her political stance.

The Lagos State Government had said the controversial thespian has a tax liability of N7,376,000.00 for the year 2022 and an outstanding liability of N11,264,092 for the 2021 income year.

The actress was given a 7-day ultimatum to pay up or face consequences.

Reacting to the State’s position, lyabo Ojo said they can’t break her as none of them made her who she is today. She boldly declared that she stands and re-stand obediently on her beliefs and can never be pressured nor shaken nor made to bow down to tribal bigots.

lyabo stated that she wants a better Nigeria and doesn’t care whose ego gets bruised as she isn’t afraid to air her opinion.

“I stand & re stand Obediently on my beliefs. I can never be pressured or shaken. I will never bow down to tribal bigots. I want a better Nigeria, I don’t care whose ego gets bruised. We cannot all believe in the same thing. I see no tribe. I only see my country. I’m a Nigerian… I am not afraid of death, for that is inevitable. I will never be afraid to air my opinion, for that is my right.

“I have no enemies. We may not all believe in the same course, we may not see things the same way but you’re not my enemy bcos at the end of the day, either good or bad. We are in it together. We’re all citizens of Nigeria.

“I have empathy for my country and not for stomach infrastructure. If after 8 years Nigeria has renewed hope, then my beliefs may change, but till then, I obediently stand on my beliefs.

“If you didn’t make me, you can’t break me, you can take the body but never my soul”.

The controversial actress was a staunch supporter of the Labour Party, LP, Presidential candidate, Peter Obi during the election conducted earlier in the year. The campaign was tagged ‘Obident Movement’. Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress, APC, was later declared the winner of the exercise by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. The outcome of the election is currently a subject of litigation at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja.

Meanwhile, in an earlier response to the tax payment notice, Iyabo Ojo faulted the process by which the tax amount was reached.

The actress noted that she will not pay and that she was ready to face arrest.

Hear her: “Governor Jide SanwoOlu, please, how do you people come up with these outrageous personal income taxes you send daily?

“After paying for different types of taxes for one’s businesses, house and all, you still come up with all this huge amount and give me 7 days to pay up, lol. Last time, you people asked me to come to your office, I came, you asked me to explain and declare what I earn, which I did with my tax consultant, but noooooooooooooo you did not respond to my letter, because you want me to pay you an outrageous amount that I do not have, make I go thief ni? I ask again, “How do you people come up with such outrageous bills?

“I don’t know how much you think I get paid. Hence, your team will come up with this conclusion.

“What have you people ever done for me as a government? NOTHING!!! I have single-handedly raised my kids and so many others, plus myself without a single penny from the government. Yet you feel so entitled to reaping over 100% from where you did not sow.

“I have worked, and I’m still working, tirelessly to survive in this country without the support of the government, yet you just sit in your office and come up with different outrageous bills. Nothing is working right in this country, yet you feel the need to take from where you have not sown.

“Since you guys insist, you can gladly come and close down my business, arrest me, jail me, or kill me for all I care, we all will die one day and I will never be afraid of what will eventually be everyone’s faith… what I do not have I can not give. I have no FEAR”.

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