Celestial Church Knocks Pastor David Ibiyiomie, Describes Him As A Fake Pastor

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The Celestial Church of Christ, CCC, has hit back at Pastor David Ibiyeomie, after the pentecostal pastor, openly expressed pure hatred for white garment churches in the country.

The Celestial Church in a statement via their official Instagram pages – celestialgeneration and cccworldwide1, respectively, described the Pastor as a fake man of God, who worships his father, the devil.

It added that, the Celestial Church restricts alcohol consumption because it negatively affects the presence of the Holy Spirit, debunking what Pastor Ibiyeomie said about the white garment churches.

Pastor Ibiyeomie of the salvation ministries had said in his recent sermon that the white garment church officials use demonic psalms and other rituals to alter children’s destinies, which is why children start acting in ways they never had before.

CCC Worldwide1 wrote, ”I put to you that you’re NOT a true man of GOD and you definitely worship your father, the devil! CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST is NOTHING CLOSE to what you said. May GOD forgive you and open your eyes.”

Celestial Generation wrote, “Pastor David Ibiyiomie of the salvation ministries in a viral video professed his hatred for white garment churches. He adduced his reasons to the fact that some ‘Cele’ Prophets according to him ‘put the name of people’s children in kai kai and chant incantations (demonic psalms according to him) prophesying that those children never amount to anything by being alcoholics.

Well, Cele is not a generic name for white garment churches and there are denominations even in white garment churches, so only him knows the white garment prophet he encountered where the name of his children were dipped in a gin.

In every Celestial Church Parishes, every service days, it is always read to the hearing of everyone how the Church forbids alcohol drinking, as the odour of it repugns the presence of the Holy Spirit, which is copiously enshrined in the constitution of the Church. Hence every Prophet worth his salt in CCC abhors alcohol as a drink much less as a spiritual formulae for any kind of prayer…”

Recall that Pastor David Ibiyiomie was one of the fake new generation pastors, who during the 2023 electioneering period, were rooting for and also prophesied that the candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Peter Obi, would win the presidential election, which was eventually won by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in a landslide.

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