Kolade Akinjo Undeserving of NDDC Position, After Denigrating President Tinubu – Ondo APC

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The All Progressives Congress, APC, Ondo State chapter has strongly condemned the appointment of Victor Kolade Akinjogunla, as a member of the board of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The governing party made its position known in a statement signed by its State Director, Media & Publicity, Steve Otaloro, just immediately after Akinjo’s name was announced as a member of NDDC Board on Wednesday.

The statement reads, “Akinjo, a member of the opposition party, PDP, has proven himself undeserving of this position based on his derogatory remarks against President Tinubu, during the last presidential campaign.

“Akinjo has a history of rebuking President Bola Tinubu during the last presidential campaign. He demeaned the President, questioning his mental capacity to govern Nigeria, and even went as far as to describe him as lacking postural reflexes and incapable of concentrating on writing legibly. Akinjo’s derogatory remarks indicate his lack of respect for President Tinubu and his ability to lead a nation like Nigeria.”

The APC wondered why Akinjo would be willing to serve under a man he didn’t believe in his capacity to lead or make any meaningful developmental changes in the country.

“Such statements demonstrate his lack of faith in President Tinubu’s ability to lead a great nation like Nigeria. The question to ask him is why would he be willing to serve under a man he didn’t believe in his capacity to lead our nation?

“It is appalling that after Victor Kolade Akinjo was defeated at the poll by the APC candidate in the last election, he has chosen to represent himself to represent the people who rejected him through the back door. Akinjo has nothing tangible to bring to the table, let alone contribute to the meaningful development of NDDC as a board member.

“We call upon President Bola Tinubu to reconsider the appointment of Victor Kolade Akinjo and replace him with a more deserving member from the APC in Ondo State. Akinjo’s nomination does not align with the desires of the oil-producing communities of Ondo State, who recently rejected him at the polls. It’s pertinent that the voices of these people who refused him the benefit of returning him as their representative at the National Assembly must be heard and respected.

“Furthermore, we appeal to the Senate to rescind their confirmation of Victor Kolade Akinjo because his nomination will not serve the best interest of the people of Ondo State. The oil-producing communities of Ondo State deserve a representative who will genuinely advocate for their needs and concerns, not someone who wants to come in through the back door and recently has been rejected by the people at the poll.

“If Victor Kolade Akinjo truly values integrity, he should reject his nomination as a board member of the NDDC. It is hypocritical for him to accept a position offered by President Tinubu, whom he so vehemently detested. Akinjo should instead focus on rebuilding his depleted PDP party in the state.

“We firmly believe that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has not been fully informed about the role played by Victor Kolade Akinjo, whose inclusion as a member to represent Ondo State oil community areas is questionable. We give the President the benefit of the doubt, assuming that Akinjo’s appointment was an error of commission. We appeal to the President to rectify this error in the interest of our more qualified and loyal party members from the oil community who worked tirelessly for his emergence as President, as well as our dedicated members in the state who endured we delivered the highest percentage of votes for him in the last presidential poll in the country.”

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