A Stakeholder Responds to Irekari LCDA Interim Management Composition Controversy With A Powerful Rejoinder

By Akinwumi Bayode

At the initial Stage, I was hesitant not to get involved in this scandal cum controversy, since I don’t get involved in IREAKARI district Politics, I also would like to write dignifying the rascality being exhibited ignorantly, since those who know me understand am not a man of few paragraphs, but as a stakeholder in IDO-ANI where I truly belong, where my beloved father and mother are taking their forever rest, it would amounts to betrayal if I failed to reboot or put up a rejoinder to all the lies being peddled by fellow shylocks, particularly one Dennis Alonge-Niyi from Afo.

Hence my researched Rejoinder, as those who failed to learn from history are bound to make the same error of history. I would also like one so-called, Dennis Alonge-Niyi to give me his listening ears in view of his very bad message, slush, unthinkable, and very sentimental write-up filled with emotion from a drowning being.

Dissecting from your first paragraph that “engaging in politics for personal interest isn’t inherently wrong, and that prioritizing individual interest over the unity of IREKARI is evidently in the verbose speeches” for quick correction the language there should be speech.

I don’t really know you and have never at any time met you in person, but this statement of yours is not only tantamount to a man already in a drowning situation holding onto nylon if you at your level still cannot realize that policies first about people and Interests or what I can get for my people and myself, even though I don’t know your calling or area of discipline, I will quickly advise that you read “The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene The Speech “reflects selfishness and reluctance to speak the truth” truth to who? when you are cynical, blinded, and visionless to know how the discretionary powers of the Executive and Legislative Powers Works.

I would simply request that you go back to your elementary government books, on what the powers are, especially when both are in concurrence. In the words of Shehzard Ahmad A WISE THINKING: listening to fools is as important as listening to geniuses. From geniuses, you learn what to do, and from fools, you learn what not to do

The speech according to you is a rhetoric that failed to justify why only one community should monopolize four out of five positions, your delusion still did not let you know that the appointments are temporal, hence being referred to as “caretaker” in whose discretion the right to select members fall on the Executive Governor of the State until the structures are ripe for democrally elected representatives.

This assertion is not only confrontational against the powers of the Executive Governor but also puts into suspicion the integrity of the legislative Arm who cleared members for the job, which I presumed you’re doing suspiciously with fear of what could be the end result.

You went ahead to say that it (the speech) fails to justify the monopolization, to be accountable to you? What is your place in the formation of APC? a defector and a fair-weather member? I doubt before you say these, what is the crux of your story? attempt to indirectly be in charge through your nominated failed candidates?

Stop playing the victims while you’re indeed the culprit. Instead of looking at how far you still need to go take a moment to feel gratitude for every step you have already taken, and stop living on the belief of self-entitlement as if the world belongs to you alone.

A Politically naive and Political lilliputian who has just beaten you to your game, why kidding, who is more of an unrepentant opportunist than Dennis Alonge-Niyi who is crying over split milk. The appointment you say is a quagmire full of controversy, why is it so? Anyway, it’s your personal opinion since you don’t have any empirically researched evidence to prove that, to me it’s like a nightmare making you wake up on the wrong side of your bed.

What are your personal expectations? To give up for you and your daydreamers?To resign for your surrogate to take over? Who and who are the wiser audience? your few little thinkers? Who confronts a constituted authority, failing to realize that loyalty must be 100% or nothing less?

The writer should remain silent or adopt a lobbyist approach, knowing that Silence means consent “simply a law theory” Make peace when continuous damage is done to an integrity built over decades, why think so shallow, please up-grade. Saying what you feel, is not being rude, is called being real. Angel Zone,

To lobby who? you and your cohorts on a very dangerous mission to destroy? You approbate and at the same time reprobate, so the rest of us didn’t go to school, or what are you trying to say, please be more explicit about that, if you’re not disillusioned. Who are other members of this community on a campaign of calumny with you? It can only be birds of the same feather. A few of you who are aggrieved are simply licking your wounds due to your inability to secure your much-needed target and goals in the new LCD

This action can be chronicled in the words of Kevin Gate When they fail to bring you down… they try to influence others to hate you!! Your adage even though in your native tongue, your translation speaks volumes for itself “Why would an adolescent not showcase a new wear in public” if you are proud of it and the value is there with pride.

Your statement that the first notable appointment “been the first” was gotten through fraudulently hijacked means is also your personal view and opinion which you have the right to say in view of Chapter iv of CFRN 1999 as amended, i.e. freedom of speech to hold opinion but in the true sense of it, can you define fraud? An appointment from the leader of the party at the state, Executive Governor and screened by the state House of Assembly, Where did you see that in law? it is hijacked in your opinion because you could not achieve your target of the treasury of the new IREKARI LCDA in anticipation, isn’t it?

In your failed voyage of trying to play the ostrich, you came up with voting records of 2020 on the gubernatorial result in your enclave with just 1,990 votes in nine(9) polling units,

Please minus your votes from the total votes accrued by Mr. Governor if he would still not win. Where are you in 2016 when he won his first term in office? How there you recall shame and absurdity without proper reasoning and good conscience, when the chips are already down (a sitting Governor) I doubt if you know what “power of incumbency is” Arole Dennis Alonge-Niyi or what do you call yourself, are you really not a joiner? On what platform did you contest and win as OSE LG Chairman, why are you hiding from your well-known identity as “A fair weather member”

God forbid, if your former Party wins again in 2024 won’t you defect sharply again to claim old membership? People are wiser now my bro! Stop being a daydreamer, telling the facts is a goof and misfiring who is goofing and misfiring here than you, A rejoinder to your destructive criticism.

Governor Akeredolu you say may God restore his health, I say I thunderous Amen to that, could confirm you didn’t receive any money, gift, or gratification from him to make your choice, even if you do, you know the Governor is not a noise maker and won’t divulge that to anybody, it’s your right to even collect.

During elections hardly can any politician confess collecting mobilization to do certain assignments, that are left for God. But yet you disbursed millions of naira across the state as if you were Santa Clause to ensure his victory, as your own way of supporting him! Ka bo, you could also boast of two governors who are your Friends, Serving Governors in the south-south who are your Financiers, who wholeheartedly supported your moves, to achieve what? Probably in anticipation of where to occupy in the political space, “something cannot be built on nothing so says a maxim.

You ended up being a delegate in the 2023 presidential election, the gains and benefits did you share it with? Your leaders or community? Please Stop this glaring deceit. You further explained that what you got from the governor i.e. financial backing” during the election couldn’t amount to a double statement that you have been so lucky and fortunate.

In your claim that you remain Mr caretaker, political leader, and father, caretaker for your information is not a name, for your knowledge “respect is earned and not taken with force” right now as long as IREKARI LCDA is concerned he’s your first citizen and leader in APC, if you know what hierarchical ladder is all about. You were there before you know what I mean, don’t deceive yourself and live in self-arrogance and delusion, those are some of the reasons for your headache, I advise you to go for Panadol for relief.

How are you his father? That’s an insult to the memory and legacy of his father, I doubt if you knew his father during his lifetime, I would have simply referred you to Chief Animola of Afo (God bless his memory) whom they both served under Chief M.A Ajasin in 1976, when honesty and accountability is the reason for Governance, from your statement I can deduce you are driven by ego, arrogance, and ill-gotten public funds while serving as local Government chairman of OSE LG, you pride yourself as party leader at the state but still descend to the gutters, below the board, and thrive on trivial issues of a new LCDA, and on the other hand, accepted that all politics are local.

While you’re speaking the mind of your co-travelers, yet still deny you’re not taking briefs on their behalf, since you’re the razor mouthpiece, please continue that the space is large enough. Your assertion that leaders are not born is a lie, it’s two sides to a coin, leaders can be born and leaders can also go through breeding, Britain is a clear example where leaders are born, even with a golden spoon. China is another society where leaders emerge through breeding i.e. ascending until they get to the peak of the ladder, which could be achieved in adulthood if were schooled properly even more than you think, “Teacher no teach me nonsense by Fela.

Who is more of a fool at 40, than you who can not simply accept what you do not have the power to change, running after an Airbus that is already Airbourne? you contradicted yourself so often, so, if you know political position and patronage are at the discretion and decision of party leaders, who is, therefore, the leader here? Alonge-Niyi or Mr. Governor and the state leaders whom you claimed to be representing.

A miserable spirit can’t stand being with a happy soul. If you know lobbying is part of politics why then did you detest the final decisions arrived at? Is it because your anointed surrogates were not appointed? How were you stabbed when you already secretly stabbed others in your scheming, before the sudden shock and surprise, your own act of affront against the constituted authority is condemnable after being accepted into the fold of the party – APC

A state spokesman of your party at the state level is not considered a leader at the local government level, can you hear your ignorance, this is also trivial in all ramifications, side-talk, hearsay, and deceit. For correction, the spokesman is not the mouthpiece of the state chairman but that of APC at the state, hence is position at the state is referred to as Director of Information and Stagey.

Recall the number of queries. The crazy thing about people who don’t like you, they watch everything you do.

Am indeed ashamed of your person, why the hatred, bitterness, and disdain for a man in a party structure before your defection into it, you’re indeed “a fair weather member” who could run away when there is a storm, you are more like the errand boy hiding behind a finger, and your gutter language clearly shows and depicts your character as a man who cannot run his family properly not to talk of a big party. Do you want leaders who already dragged themselves in the mud to be cultivated? They should better turn to yam

before cultivation, you accuse someone of smelling trash and yet he should applaud you for smelling saintly

and fragrantly, you are actually a dead living rat.

When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent – Iscca Asimov

This Appointment cannot be final, opportunities will always come and go, just like you’ve once had the same opportunity before, how can a man you hate so bitterly be your brother? I’m sure he wouldn’t accept you as brother It’s not just an accusation that you intend to plant a surrogate as alleged, it is the fact, it is a verifiable fact, and you confirmed it yourself, picking chairman from IMERI Community simply a ploy to create animosity and disunity for your accusation not to be direct, you make it look good the chairman comes from another community different from yours as a strategy which is belated.

If you can think properly when IDO-ANI was denied for IFON as Headquarters several years back where were you? maybe a toddler then. During your tenure as chairman of OSE L.G in 2003-2007, what are the legacy monumental projects you left behind, particularly in IDOANI, your tenure was full of regrets a ruse, and a total waste of tenure.

Who and who agreed that the chairman should come from a particular community, who gave you the power to appoint? some changes in life are painful but necessary- Carlos Dominguez. What you did was simply a proposition and suggestion to the appointing authority. The Governor reserved the power to appoint anywhere he deems fit even if they’re all from the same ward or same community, what if the Governor appointed a civil servant as sole administrator? What would you and your co-travelers do? Fight him?

The history of LCDA in Nigerians Started here in Lagos in Oct 2003 where I equally served as a pioneer caretaker, it also happened, that if you dared challenge Asiwaju Bola Tinubu the then Governor of Lagos state, that would be your end in the party.

You have continued to lash on the sickness of his excellency the governor too from yourselves into revels including those in the opposition party who never wish the party well. The so-called leaders acted in isolation choosing secretly their favorite over and above others, without consultations, what you did secretly without involving the Royal Fathers is what you now wanted to use their signatures to achieve, what deceit!! Iwa odale ni yen.

They knew politicians would always want to serve their interest first before anything else, in their wise and intelligent thinking rejected your resolutions not guided by any extant laws or statute. Instead of accepting and rejoicing about the creation, you brought sentiments and emotions into the creation. And because your personal interest was not considered must we throw away the baby with the birth water? It’s a shame that will continue to ooze for a long time to come, while your name is attached.

What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down, everything in the dark must come to light, and you will reap what you sow. What do you say about successive administrations including your former party that canceled the IREKARI creation after Late Governor ADEFARATI did it and successive ones didn’t look into it?

Do people have any sense of history at all? Where is this long practice according to your record, where are the legal framework and extant laws guiding it, till its realization in November/December 2023? From your write-up, you are bereaved of ideas, guilt, conscienceless, visionless, shown your nakedness while dancing Makeba glaringly in the open market square, what a shame.

In your submission you asserted someone not showing interest in running for a position, has OSIEC released a timetable to warrant aspirant appearing for nomination, or does it means if few already showed up others cannot show up at a later date? Is there any restricting regulation confining candidates to a particular community in a large political party like APC? Why are you so misguided in self-misfit?

You need to change your reasoning mentality for the growth and development of the various communities in IREKARI, Putting aside self-interest, Personal and Pecuniary gains over and above the history that has just been birthed, only with a change of attuite, tolerance can IREAKARI LCDA be fully grounded, regardless of who is at the helms of affair. Sometimes you don’t need to hear their excuses or what they have to say for themselves because their action already speaks the truth.

You tried to drag others into this quagmire particularly ASIWAJU OLAPEJU who was supposed to be a pacifier with his knowledge of education in a top Government position before, who was supposed to advise against taking a contrary view against constituted authority, knowing what insubordination means, he was coerced into agitation like a labor unionist, encouraging further escalation of a latent situation into a bigger one about to explode.

I wondered where is the knowledge and skill of Alternative dispute resolution. (ADR) in all of this, one would expect him to educate the communities about the appointment and apply a suiting balm but instead took sides with the tiff, which is a big shock to me. I can’t still not understand the reason for it. To our revered ASIWAJU OLAPEJU, it is not the stab in the back that hurt, it’s when you turn around and see who is holding that knife. Whichever side of the divide you may be, there’s a need for mental adjustment thinking, with that only can we be able to move forward as a people.


To this history-making committee member, Hon. Steve Otalaro, I can not but advise that you stay focused “The calmer you are, the clearer you think, move with strategy and not emotion” Let people judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Let them gossip about you. What they think of you isn’t your problem. Their opinions do not pay your bills. So, you stay kind and committed to loving everyone. No matter what they do or say- Never doubt your worth. You keep shining and let the haters hate.

I have learned one thing from life that you can be important to someone, but only when it’s for their benefit. Don’t occupy yourselves with trivial issues. Some people will throw stones at you, don’t throw them back, collect them all and build an empire” says a philosopher- Samantha George.

Please stop getting distracted by things that have nothing to do with your goals i.e. your five-point AGENDA. Don’t listen to their excuses or what they have to say for themselves because their actions already speak the truth. Words may lie, but actions will always tell the truth.

In the words of Anawell Endyao “We all have pasts we get a fresh start every day to be a better person than we were yesterday” A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions. If you don’t heal from what hurt you, you will bleed on people who didn’t cut you- Carlos Dominguez. Nothing is permanent in this world not even our troubles. Time will heal the wound


Chief (Hon) Akinwumi Bayode M.sc, LL.B, DSWA, JP Is the AKOGUN-ALATIBA of IDO-ANI Kingdom, he writes from Victoria Island, Lagos.

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