Rihanna, Burna Boy Inspire My Soul-Healing Music – Psych

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Favour Peter, also known as Psych by fans, no doubt, is one of Nigeria’s finest and talented upcoming artistes currently making waves in the entertainment industry.

She has been writing incredible lyrics since nine year-old, and till today she’s still standing strong.

When asked about the drive, she said, she had wanted to give up many times but the burning talent in her remain unquenchable.

“I was always complimented on my sound…

So I already knew I was good at music since I was about 9 years old… and I thought about how much I love music and considered giving it a shot as I would be doing what I love if I did it. I started by the time I was about 14-15 years and I’ve never gone back on it. I have wanted to give up more times than I can count but I couldn’t.

“My passion for music will never change because I know music to be a very powerful tool of enlightenment, encouragement and empowerment. This is why I would always love music and make music.

“It can be lucrative too but look at how uplifting burna boys city boy can be when your adrenaline is low or how encouraging his “how bad could it be” sounds on bad days or how Michael Jacksons “black or white” track could make a racist rethink. It’s more than enough reason to keep the fire of passion for music burning in me,” she said.

She noted that she picked her soul-healing style of music from a Grammy award winning international artiste, Rihanna, while she draws inspiration from Nigeria’s Burna Boy of how rose from grassroot to stardom.

“I love all genres of music. Music truly lives and resonates within me, however I make dancehall and afro pop music. I was inspired by many different artists, from Fela to Michael Jackson and Tuface, but I saw myself in the singer Rihanna. It was mostly the way music could heal the soul and make almost any situation feel better.

“Rihanna inspires me so much that I see myself in her. But the person who’s story inspires me in the nigerian music scene is Burna Boy, his rise from underrated to top rated status is overwhelming and it reminds me of the street adage “na who give up fuck up”,” she revealed.

The journey has not been rossy for Psych, in pursuit of her passion her music, she had a long stop in school and now she is back to school. Striking a balance between music and school was a huge task for her.

She said: “School can be hectic and music can be even more hectic and this is why I’m still in school. I kept deferring my school year, until now. I have pushed my music to a more steady pace and now feel compelled to return to school. I’m back in school as well as making music. It can be difficult but I would like to think that nothing good comes easy.

“My biggest challenge as an artiste and a student has to be the spontaneity of them both… I have to choose one some days and it can be tricky deciding which to go for on such days.”

Clairvoyantly speaking, the talented artist is already seeing herself at the top of the world performing in crowded shows in the international realm. She sees her music gone global.

“ In the next five years I should have bagged Bachelor in Law as well as have performed in another country.

“My passion for music will never change because I know music to be a very powerful tool of enlightenment, encouragement and empowerment. This is why I would always love music and make music,” she said.

Psych have release some hit songs like “Happy” and “Motalenu” which is on different digital platforms like Boomplay, Audiomack, Spotify,etc.

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