APC Tackles Senator Akinyelure, Over Alleged Sales Of Chocolate Factory

– Describes Him As A Pathological Liar, Minus To State At Senate

It is disheartening to hear Senator Ayo Akinyelure’s spurious allegations on a proposed sale of the multi-million naira Chocolate factory completed by the Akeredolu’s government for a ridiculous paltry sum of 10-million-naira only by the administration of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu allegedly through one of the governor’s Senior Special Assistant, SSA.

This allegation was not for the SSA alone but for the government, and the ruling party, APC. It was grandstanded as wastefulness on the state resources ahead of the forthcoming general elections.

The unscrupulous behavior of the senator left us no option as a responsible political party but to respond by setting the record and bringing to the fore the real intention of the senator.

First, the 10 million naira sales quoted by senator Ayo Akinyelure was a spurious claim, as this was deliberately intended for our party to amass public condemnation ahead of the coming election and consequently jeopardize our party’s strength in the state and affect our party’s continuous winning streak at subsequent elections since Akeredolu came to the saddle and as we move toward the 2023 general elections.

It should be on record that Senator Ayo Akinyelure has lost political relevance in Ondo State. He is using this onslaught to relaunch his badly damaged reputation amongst his party members after he was advised by PDP leadership in the state not to go to court to challenge his lost re-election bid at the party primary but refused, headed to the court, and lost.

His action of portraying his state in a bad light in the senate chamber is infra dig of a distinguished Senator to do without adequate and proper investigation. He could have raised a concern if he thought something was amiss. But instead, he alarmed when nothing was wrong by calling a press conference in his office to emphatically presents a falsehood narrative to unsuspecting journalists in Abuja because such falsehood would not have gone unnoticed by journalists if he had addressed them in Akure.

Akin Olotu SSA to Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, mentioned by Senator Ayo Akinyelure is an honest, God-fearing man of God – a Pastor and a hardworking technocrat in government that has consistently been a reliable aide of Governor Akeredolu over the years.

His immense contributions to agriculture in the state have elevated the sector. As an agronomist of enormous proportion, Olotu has brought a lot of innovations into the Agricultural sector that has engendered the sector’s viability and triggered growth and development of agric-business in the state, one area of investment growth never witnessed before in the State.

The agricultural sector hitherto was only given lip services by the previous government in the state before the revolutionary approach of Akeredolu’s renewed agricultural policy took effect. This once viable sector was comatose despite the abundance of arable lands in the State and the stable climatic condition suitable for planting in the State.


Ayo Akinyelure is a petty politician and a pathological liar who has mastered the act of apology as an error for every one of his wrongdoings. He is a minus to the senators representing the state, rarely heard of making any positive contribution at the senate chamber.

The senator lost political relevance in the state when he supported the UNDERAGE MARRIAGE LAW in the senate. He quickly apologised as an error for his inadequacies at the senate when the public protested against him in the state. However, the people wouldn’t forget this heinous crime on the position he took in favour of the girl-child marriage law as one of the reasons he was voted against at the PDP primary for his re-election bid.

The Akeredolu administration is doing everything possible to improve the life of the citizens of the state. Idanre being the hometown of Senator Ayo Akinyelure has received lots of infrastructural development in this APC administration. In the agricultural sector, the state government is developing to make Idanre town a hub for agriculture and agric-business in the Central Senatorial District of the state.

However, this may not be to the knowledge of Senator Ayo Akinyelure because he is known as an Abuja-based politician in the state. He is rarely in touch with his community, as a reason for his loss at the party primary to a newcomer who barely returned to the party a few months before the party primary.

Needless to start reeling out the position of the government on the proposed chocolate factory, which by the way, had been intensively enunciated by the government as following due process in all its transaction to secure the investment of the good people of Ondo State in the factory.

At this juncture, it is pertinent to let Senator Akinyelure learn how to salvage the remaining days of his senatorial tenure with dignity and honor by concentrating and engaging in issues of development and progress for the state than demagoguery of political opportunists and unrefined contributions at the senate hallowed chamber.

Finally, Senator Akinyelure should try to clear the phantoms from his head and grasp the reality of the health situation of the governor. He is hale and hearty and seen discharging all his official duties, presiding over State Executive meetings, and attending campaign rallies in support of our party’s presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and other candidates of the APC in the state.

Steve Otaloro.

Director, Media & Publicity

APC, Ondo State.


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