Ondo APC Pry Fallout: No Member Is Contemplating Leaving The Party – Steve Otaloro

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As the political fallout of the recent APC primary in Ondo State continues to generate dust, APC Chieftain and the party’s Director of Media & Publicity, Hon. Steve Otaloro, reacted to some questions posed by journalists regarding the current situation within the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State.

Q. With the crisis in your political party, what is the situation now?

A. The APC in Ondo State is currently navigating through a challenging period characterized by internal conflicts and disagreements after the gubernatorial primary. However, it is important to note that these issues are not uncommon in political parties, particularly during the build-up to major elections. The party leadership at the state and national levels is actively working to address these challenges and foster unity within the party. Despite the crisis, APC members in the state remain committed to the party’s core principles, and the leadership is dedicated to resolving all the conflicts peacefully and constructively.

Q. Some of your members have threatened to go to court over the Gubernatorial Primary. Would this not spell doom for your party?

A. Concerns have been raised regarding the Gubernatorial Primary within the APC in Ondo State, with some members expressing their intention to seek legal recourse over the conduct of the primary. While the prospect of legal action may raise concerns about potential discord within the party, it is essential to recognize that the right to seek legal redress is a fundamental aspect of a democratic society. The APC respects the rights of its members to pursue legal avenues after they have exhausted the internal conflict resolution within the party if they are still having any issues with the primary. However, the party is confident that disputes arising from the primary will be addressed through the appropriate channels and resolved in a manner that upholds the integrity of the party.

Q. There has been rumour that some of the aspirants and members of your party are considering defecting to the opposition party in the state ahead of the November governorship election in Ondo State. 

A. Rumors have surfaced suggesting that certain aspirants and members of the APC in Ondo State are contemplating defection to the opposition party ahead of the November governorship election. Let me tell you, this is just a mere rumour. None of the members of our party will contemplate leaving a strong political force like the APC in Ondo. While defections are not uncommon in the political landscape, it is crucial to emphasize that the majority of APC members and aspirants remain steadfast in their commitment to the party and its values. The APC is actively engaging with its members to address any concerns and ensure that the party remains united and focused on its goals. The party is confident in its ability to retain the support of its members and present a strong and cohesive front in the upcoming election.

Q. Has there been any move by Governor Aiyedatiwa who was declared winner of the primary election to meet other aspirants for reconciliation?

A. As the Director of Media and Publicity of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State, I can confirm that Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, who emerged as the winner of the APC primary election, has indeed made efforts to meet with other aspirants for reconciliation. Governor Aiyedatiwa understands the importance of unity within the party and recognizes that it is crucial for all members to come together in order to secure victory in the upcoming general election.

Since being declared the winner of the primary election, Governor Aiyedatiwa has reached out to the other aspirants in a bid to foster unity and reconciliation within the party. He has held several meetings with the aspirants, both individually and collectively, to discuss the way forward and to ensure that all members are on the same page.

Governor Aiyedatiwa has made it clear that he is committed to working with all members of the party, including those who may have contested against him in the primary election. He understands that differences may arise during the course of a political contest, but he believes that it is important for all members to put aside their personal interests and come together for the greater good of the party.

In his meetings with the other aspirants, Governor Aiyedatiwa has stressed the need for unity and solidarity within the party. He has emphasized that the APC in Ondo State must present a united front in order to defeat the opposition and secure victory in the upcoming election. Governor Aiyedatiwa has also assured the other aspirants that their contributions and ideas are valuable and that he is open to working with them to move the party forward.

Overall, Governor Aiyedatiwa’s efforts to meet with other aspirants for reconciliation demonstrate his commitment to building a strong and united party in Ondo State. He understands the importance of unity and solidarity within the party and is working tirelessly to ensure that all members are on the same page. With Governor Aiyedatiwa’s leadership, I am confident that the APC in Ondo State will emerge stronger and more united than ever before.

Q. What is the chance of your party in the November gubernatorial election?

A. Looking ahead to the November gubernatorial election in Ondo State, the APC is optimistic about its chances of success. The party has a strong candidate in the person of Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, who embodies the values and aspirations of the people of Ondo State. The APC is actively engaging with the electorate, listening to their concerns, and presenting a compelling vision for the future of the state. The party is confident that its track record of good governance, commitment to development, and dedication to the welfare of the people will resonate with voters and secure victory in the upcoming governorship election. Our party remains focused on delivering positive change and progress for the people of Ondo State and is determined to emerge victorious in the November gubernatorial election.

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